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Business Savings Account
If you want to grow your capital with minimal risk, there's no easier way than with a business savings account. That way, your excess cash is always working for you. SunTrust offers two different business savings accounts, depending on your needs. Business Savings Account If you're just starting out, this is...
Business Sweep
Coping with daily fluctuations in your business's cash flow requires a lot of painstaking and time-consuming decisions. But you can't afford to do them hastily. That's where Business Sweep comes in. Business Sweep is a fully automated cash management solution that saves staff time as it minimizes the cost of holding...
Health Savings Accounts
As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, managing medical expenses - both for you and your employees - can be increasingly difficult. A SunTrust Health Savings Account (HSA), when paired with a high-deductible health insurance plan, can help you potentially benefit from tax advantages and save money for out-of-p...
Live Solid Savings
For some people, saving is second nature. For others, it takes a little more effort. Either way, Live Solid Savings®, can help you set up a savings plan that rewards you with a one-time anniversary bonus1 Monthly maintenance fee $7
Personal Savings
Finding money to set aside for savings can be tough in today's world. With that in mind, we've designed a savings account to accommodate any budget. Whether you’re building on what you already have, or ready to start setting aside money for yourself or your children, SunTrust Personal Savings makes it easy to get st...
SunTrust Advantage Money Market
How can we help you build the savings you want with the access you need? The SunTrust Advantage Money Market Account offers competitive rates, easy access to your funds and FDIC protection.