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Business Savings Account


If you want to grow your capital with minimal risk, there's no easier way than with a business savings account. That way, your excess cash is always working for you. SunTrust offers two different business savings accounts, depending on your needs.

Business Savings Account
If you're just starting out, this is a basic account to get your business rolling. With a minimum opening balance of just $100, you get:

ATM and telephone banking
Two transactions per month, or 6 per quarter1
Links to a business checking account for overdraft protection option
Any combination of deposits or deposited items per statement period
Monthly statements if there is electronic activity (quarterly if no account activity)
Online banking if linked to a SunTrust business checking account
Transaction Limitations: Federal banking regulations limit you to six pre-authorized, telephone or on-line transfers to your other SunTrust Bank Accounts or to third parties. Additionally, this limitation includes checks, drafts or similar orders you make payable to a third party. The limitation applies per statement period. If you routinely exceed these limitations, the Bank may close the account or convert it to a checking account.

The excessive withdrawal fee is assessed, regardless of the balance, if more than two pre-authorized, telephone funds transfers, or third party transactions are paid per month or six during the quarterly statement period. The fee is assessed at the time of withdrawal.
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To speak with a business banker call 877.227.9330.


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