Bank of America, Suntrust Home Mortgage Rate Deals Yesterday Jan 21, 2015.

Posted by BankInfo on Thu, Jan 22 2015 12:19 pm

Bank of America.

30 year loans at Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) are appearing at 3.625 percent carrying an APR of 3.708 percent. The temporary 15 year funding rates of interest have actually been priced quote at 3.000 percent today with an APR of 3.193 percent. The 5/1 ARM offers are being offered for 2.875 percent at Bank of America with an APR of 2.957 percent.

Refinance Mortgage Loans.

The most effective 30 year refinance fixed rate mortgages at Bank of America begin at 3.750 percent yielding an APR of 3.860 percent. Shorter term, popular 15 year re-finance fixed rate mortgages are appearing at 3.250 percent at the Bank today and an APR of 3.408 percent. The 5 year refinance ARM loans have been offered at 3.125 percent at Bank of America. with an APR of 3.050 percent.


The best 30 year loan rates of interest at Suntrust Bank (NYSE: STI) have actually been quoted at 4.375 percent & APR of 4.4853 % today. The most effective 30 year FHA fixed rate loan interest are 4.000 percent at the bank & an APR of 5.6770 percent. Much shorter term 15 year loans at the bank are posted at 3.300 percent carrying an APR of 3.5109 percent today.

5/1 ARMs at Suntrust are readily available starting at 3.200 percent with a beginning APR of 3.0908 percent. The 7/1 ARM rate of interest are being estimated at 3.750 percent producing an APR of 3.3954 percent to start.

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