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Business CDs


Looking for a way to safely protect your money when business is unpredictable and the stock market is fickle? Check out SunTrust certificates of deposit. They’re a great investment option because they’re reliable and insured.

CDs are great if you’re shopping for an attractive rate and don’t need immediate access to your funds. And with SunTrust business CDs, you get fixed interest rates, allowing you to ride out interest rate fluctuations.

We have a variety of CD terms to meet your needs, with term lengths as short as seven days and as long as 10 years. Often, the longer the term you choose, the higher your return. In addition, SunTrust business CDs offer competitive tiered rates, so the more money you put into your CD, the more you’ll get out of it.

We do offer special promotional CDs from time to time, so ask us about our current offers.
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To learn more about our business CD offerings call 800.786.8787.


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