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Business Term Loans

One way to finance the growth of your small business is through a business term loan, which is the most basic form of loan. Business term loans are best for small but financially sound businesses looking to fund specific business growth projects or initiatives.

With fixed or variable rates and a range of terms, there are a variety of ways to accommodate your repayment needs. A long-term loan may be from three to 10 years—or up to 20 years, depending on the amount. Both long- and intermediate-term loans require collateral—however company equipment can be used as collateral for the loan.

SunTrust offers business term loans for many kinds of needs, from business equipment loans to funds for facility expansions. Our business bankers can work with you to help you decide the term and rate options that are right for your needs.

Money for equipment purchases, facility expansions or asset acquisition
Permanent working capital
Loans of varying duration, depending on your needs

Take advantage of fixed or variable interest rates
Enjoy assistance from experienced SunTrust Relationship Managers

Loans are subject to normal credit criteria.
Supporting Documents
To talk with a business banker: 877.370.5108.


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