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Citibank is a division of multinational Citigroup serving consumer banking. Citibank originally was known as the City Bank of New York in 1812, then First National City Bank of New York. As of 2010, Citigroup has become the third largest bank holding company in the U.S. by its entire assets.

Citibank is now an international bank with 3,777 branches spread in 36 countries. The United States’ market is the largest by the approximately 26% of all the branches, with more than half of the total revenues. Citibank's 983 North American branches are strategically planned and established in major central commercial areas such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Boston, Washington, D.C., Houston, Philadelphia, Dallas and San Antonio. In south, Latin America markets consist of 25% of the revenue, Asia of 20%, and Europe / Middle East / Africa combinely 4%.

Besides standard banking businesses, Citibank is also providing insurance service, credit cards service and investment products. Their online services is topped among the most successful in the industry with about 15 million registered users.


The City Bank of New York was founded on June, 1812. In 1863, the bank was incorporated into the U.S.'s new national banking system and then was renamed as The National City Bank of New York. By 1868, it was acknowledged as one of the most influential banks in the United States, and in 1897, it was the first to build a foreign department among all the major U.S. banks.

By merging and expansion into international business field, by 1919, Citibank had accumulated $1 billion assets to top itself the first U.S. bank. Going through the vicissitude in a financial world, expansion and then Great Depression, in 1955 the bank was merged with the First National Bank, with the new name The First National City Bank of New York, and then again adapted into First National City Bank. The current Citibank, N.A. acquired its name in 1976, created its own "one-bank holding company" and became a exclusively owned subsidiary of Citicorp


Consumer Businesses

Boasting the service for over 100 million customers in about 40 countries, Citi's Global Consumer Banking business is one of the largest scale banking service aiming at retail market worldwide. Publically known as Citibank and strategically located in the world's most promising financial centers, Global Consumer Banking makes the best of its reputation, history, tradition for a consistent and advanced client-centric banking experience. Global Consumer Banking has accomplished approximately 40% of total deposits and 50% of the entire revenue within Citicorp.

Global Consumer Banking has five major business operations - Citi Branded Cards, Retail Banking, CitiMortgage, Citi Commercial Bank and Retail Services - functioning in four most developed global financial regions: North America, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa. Services and products outside the U.S. generate nearly half of the total loans, revenues deposits and net income.

Global Consumer Banking businesses are thriving in many of the world's most promising financial markets, from Asia Pacific, including China, Korea, Malaysia, and India, to Europe, Russia and Poland, to Latin America, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Panama. In Mexico, Citi has built Banamex franchise as the country’s largest financial institution by assets and customer-managed resources.

Retail Banking

Citi's chain of international retail banks is made up of more than 4,600 branches worldwide, with deposits over $300 billion. Citibank offers standard financial services such as Checking and Savings accounts, Small Business and Wealth Management. The renovation of digitized Citi Smart Retail Banking branches was launched in New York, Washington, D.C., Busan, Tokyo and South Korea, revolutionizing the entire branch network. Automatically interactive sales and service units are centered in St. Petersburg, Moscow, together with Citi Express modules – a 24-hour service units operated in Colombia.

Citi Branded Credit Cards

Citi is one of the world's largest credit card issuers, with more new introduction of products on the way, including: Citi ThankYou®, Citi Simplicity® cards and Citi Executive®/AAdvantage®in the U.S.; Latin America partnership cards with Colombia airline Avianca, and with AeroMexico and Banamex; and Europe’s merchant loyalty program.

Citi Retail Services

Citi Retail Services or Retail Partner Cards, used to be belongings of Citi Holdings, became an integral part of GCB in 2012, after combining several operating partnerships and making the name as the representation of the complete suite of services offered to partners. The cards are topped as number one in the peers providing commercial and consumer credit card products, retail solutions and services in the U.S., with 90 million registered users dedicated to the brands such as Macy's, The Home Depot, Shell, Sears, and ExxonMobil, etc.

Citi Commercial Bank

Citi Commercial Bank is devoted to meeting the needs of 100,000 small to medium-size companies in 32 countries globally. The strategy for the business worldwide is to build and enhance Citi's international network to help our clients keep pace with an increasingly globalizing marketplace. This business sector proves its profitable growth in 2011 and has raised entire client satisfaction within each locality.

Institutional Businesses

Citi Markets

Citi Markets offers world-class financial services, products and solutions covering a wide range of asset classes through sales and trading, underwriting, distribution and research capabilities. Products provided include commodities, equities, futures, credit, emerging markets, foreign exchange, G10 rates, prime finance, municipals and securitized markets.

The Investment Research and Analysis division endeavors in conveying the insightful company, economic, sector, and geographic analysis and consideration to the customers worldwide. The unit performs economic and market analysis, equity and fixed income research, and product-specific analysis to assist individual and institution master a complex global marketplace.

Corporate & Investment Banking

Corporate & Investment Banking franchise is the world’s best and foremost corporate and investment banks. It can offer a full array of strategic and financing products, solutions and advice to international and local corporations, governments, financial institutions and private businesses in over 160 countries. With the company’s impressive local presence in numerous countries, Citi has utilized nation and sector expertise for lending, helping the company and institution to raise capital and advising them on significant transactions. Citi made successful moves in serving clients like Best Emerging EMEA Bond for VimpelCom, Best Senior Financial Bond for CapitalO ne, Best Emerging Asia Bond for Pertamina, International Financing Review's Best Americas Securitization for Ford Credit, Best Latin America Bond for Petrobras, Best Yen Bond for Panasonic, and Best Americas Structure Equity Issue for AIB/MetLife.

Transaction Services

Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions

Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions Group conducts comprehensive cash management and trade finance services for financial institutions, multinational corporations, and public sector organizations all around world. Citi Digital Working Capital, with its complete suite of digital and mobile compatible platforms, analytics and tools, is a pioneering service provider of revolutionary and tailored solutions to its clients. It has the industry's most comprehensive collections of treasury and trade solutions, such as payments, cash management, liquidity management, receivables, investment services, working capital solutions, trade finance and services.

Citi Securities and Fund Services

Citi's Securities and Fund Services customizes business solutions to cater for various investment and financial strategies for issuers, investors, and intermediaries worldwide. By performing investment administration, fund and portfolio services, trust and custody, investment and financing solutions, Citi helps clients face and fight the challenges of issuing, distributing, and managing business products and services in today's sophisticated and competitive marketplace.

Mission and Principle

Citi's Mission: Enabling Progress

Citi works arduously to serve customers, corporates, institutions and countries. With two decades of experience of making best of toughest challenges into greatest opportunities, Citibank strives to produce the best outcomes for the clients from creative and responsible financial solutions. That is the mission of an institution operating in more than 1,000 cities, 160 countries and for millions of people.

Citi’s key principles

These are the values and guidelines for accomplishing the mission.

Common Purpose Acting as one team, striving for one goal: serving our clients and stakeholders.

Responsible FinanceSM transparent, prudent and accountable business operation

Ingenuity Life evolution through understanding and managing the breadth and depth of information, dimension of global network and state-of-art business products.

Leadership Gifts and the best trainings to give birth talent of diversity, merit, courage, and motivation.

Citi Microfinance

Citi’s strategy is paralleled with today’s global social, economic and development paradigm, the company appreciates the critical impact that financial inclusion can contribute to various internationally shared goals. Nowadays, traditional roles, definitions, policies and relationships are being transformed by swiftly developed phenomena: digitization, urbanization, and globalization are posing new opportunities to precipitate and reshape the scale of what we call financial inclusion.

Universal financial inclusion can be possibly obtained, but it commands creations and investments in availing financial services while sharpening the business capabilities of millions of new clients that will be served.

Working through businesses and clients

Citi Microfinance is an industry specialist group. From 2005, it was devoted to corporate internationally with Citi’s many product partners and coworkers in domestic markets, and focusing on promoting financial inclusion. As commercial clients and partners, Citi is working with all walks of financial entities, including banks, leading microfinance institutions, networks, NGOs and investors. Citi’s corporate clients, such as financial institutions, governments, new providers of services and development agencies, eg. mobile operators and retailers, are all crucial business partners, particularly in constructing correspondent networks and distribution channels, enhancing payment platforms, and in supply chain finance.

Microfinance, starting with a focus on improving the service of savings and credit products, is key to realizing financial inclusion. However, in today’s fast paced world, to achieve this goal, more will be done to consolidate existing and build new platforms that will elevate financial services against the costs and constraints of traditional branch transaction patterns, including expanding outreach and distribution through correspondent networks, such as mobile operators and branchless payment systems.

Citi Microfinance is defined by Citi’s legacy of engagement with the microfinance area, which is supported by the philanthropic aim and purpose of the Citi Foundation, to increase financial capability and motivate innovation.

To achieve expansive access, Citi sponsors research for client needs, utilizes new technologies that will further outreach, increases the functionality of product features, reduces cost while applying innovative tools to foster clients’ financial capability so that they can be good decision makers as individual customers, small enterprises and households.

Citi values the bond of partnerships made with NGOs, corporations, researchers and governments, to strengthen outreach, increase scale, to reduce cost and to expand the spectrum and platforms for offering highest-quality financial products and services. Establishing and promoting financial inclusion will build many of the solid foundations for consistent economic growth, prosperity and integration for communities and small enterprises.

Major Achievement

Citi and OPIC have made $350 million partnership agreement to finance microfinance institutions. Up to today, this activity has raised funds for 38 microfinance institutions in more than 20 countries, which in turn have granted small amount of loans to more than 960,000 borrowers, with 91% of them women. The program has won the 2012 International Award for Excellence category by the U.K.-based Business in the Community. More recently Citi and OPIC have agreed to collaborate financing for Citi’s international and domestic corporate and financial institutions with active engagement in the sectors such as agribusiness, microenterprise, clean energy, affordable housing, education and sanitation.

In Mexico, where, as from World Bank, 73% of the adult population do not own a bank account, Citi’s subsidiary, Banamex, has coordinated with the mobile network industry leader in the region, America Movil, to launch the “Transfer” mobile wallet – the first bank account link in the country functioned with a mobile phone for a targeting market of unbanked segments. Transfer can allow account owner to make banking transactions via mobile phone efficiently, safely, and affordably. To open and activate the account, customers will no longer have to go to a bank branch or provide any identity. This service has now achieved 500,000 active and mostly first- time-banking users that perform 1 million transactions per month via a mobile network of 18,000 correspondents located in underbanked communities.

Citi created, together with the County of San Francisco and the City of San Francisco, the first universal savings accounts for overall number of kindergarten students. The accounts at Citi are opened and invested with an initial deposit of maximum $100, contributed by the County and City of San Francisco, and other institutions are offering equivalent and other incentive funding. In addition of the investment, financial literacy skills are instructed in classrooms, the students can use their own accounts which are supported by the bank to emulate real-world context. The innovation and philanthropic influence of the program have won for the company 2013 Excellence Award for Public-Private Partnerships from the Mayors' Business Council of the US Conference of Mayors.

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