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SBAExpress Lines of Credit and Term Loan

Get the convenience and flexibility of having cash on hand for any business need, combined with the security having a Small Business Administration-backed financial solution.
Younger or fast growing for-profit businesses that need access to funds for working capital, equipment or inventory purchases, expansion or other business expenditures. Businesses must meet SBA guidelines.
Open a SBAExpress Line of Credit or Loan and take advantage of up to $350,000 either as a revolving line of credit or a lump sum term loan.

You can use the funds for many business needs, including purchasing a business, expanding your existing business, financing equipment or inventory and more.

The SBA guarantees 50% of line of credit or loan, so you may be eligible for more funds and/or lower rates, compared to traditional bank financing solutions.
Loan Amount
Lines of Credit and Term Loans from $100,000 to $350,000.
Line of Credit — Revolving, up to 3 years.
Term Loan — Up to 5 years.
Interest Rate
Loans and Lines of credit less than or equal to $50,000: NY Prime + 6.5%.
Loans and Lines of credit greater than $50,000: NY Prime + 4.5%.
Fees : SBA Guarantee Fee for Lines of Credit and Term Loans

Loans up to $150,000 — 2% of the guara
The SBA Customer Profile will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Once you've submitted your profile an SBA specialist will contact you within one business day to discuss the next steps in applying and qualifying for an SBA loan.1

You will need t
Personal guaranties by all owners of 20% or more.
Adequate business collateral, or personal assets securing personal guaranty, i.e. mortgage on a home.
Hazard Insurance.


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