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Opt-Up® CD

A Bank of America Opt-Up® CD gives you the option to take advantage of rising interest rates.

Who it's for (Opt Up CD)
You want the best features of traditional CDs with a new way to take advantage of rising rates.

Standard Opt Up® CD account features
18-month term opened in any amount from $10,000 up to $250,000
Get the typically higher rate of a long-term CD

FDIC insured to the maximum amount allowed by law

Flexible Opt Up CD account options
Option to increase your rate one time after six months, if interest rates rise during the term of the CD, with no fee or term extension Footnote *

If rates rise, you can increase your rate between your opening rate and the then-current rate offered by Bank of America on a new Opt-Up® CD Footnote *
View your account virtually anytime through Online Banking service
Initial Deposit
The minimum opening balance for the Opt-Up® CD is $10,000
Maturity Period
18-month term


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