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Bank of America

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Access Loans

Flexible terms for individuals with disabilities
Equipment to make your home and car accessible
Purchase new or used vehicles with enhanced features

Bank of America Access Loans1 provide affordable and flexible terms for individuals with disabilities or access needs. Purchase the equipment you need to make your home and car accessible.

Vehicle loans
Easy, single loan financing for purchase of new or used cars, vans or light-duty trucks and necessary adaptive equipment.
Extended repayment period available for eligible applicants.
A minimum down payment (cash or trade equity) of 10% is required.
To get rates and apply now, click here.
Home improvement loans
Ideal for financing certain home modification projects such as building access ramps, installing lifts, widening doors or lowering cabinets to increase accessibility.
Choice of Second Mortgage and Home Equity Loans.2
Lower minimum loan amounts with longer repayment periods means lower monthly payments.
Fixed-interest rates mean stable monthly payments.
The interest may be tax deductible.3


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